Samples from Most Recent Presentations

11/2017 NGSS Day 2: CCCs and Putting it together for GUSD NGSS Day 2

10/2017 NGSS Intro: Phenomena and Practices for GUSD NGSS Day 1

4/2017 Ignite Talk at the Tri-County GATE Council Colloquium Ignite Talk

4/2017  Differentiated Instruction in Math-3rd grade 3rd Grade Differentiated Instruction

10/2016 CMC South 2016 – cmc-south-2016

4/2016    Tri-County Gate Council Colloquium- 2016 Thinking about Math…CCC

2/2016 Differentiated Instruction in Math- 5th grade 5th Grade PDF of Presentation (1)

1/2016 Hollister Parent Night – New California Math Standards Hollister Parent Night

4/2015 Santa Barbara South County Administrators- Principles to Action

1/2015  Writing in the Common Core- Focus on Argumentative

12/2014 Santa Barbara South County Administrators- Principles to Action

10/2014 GUSD Fraction Operations 3rd-6th

8/2014 GUSD Fraction Progression 3rd-6th

8/2014 Close Reading of Complex Text

8/2014 Word Problem Types and Student Thinking

6/2014 Sequencing CCSS Math Grades K-6

4/2014 Ratios and Proportional Reasoning

2/2014 Subtraction: It is so Much More than Take Away

10/2013 Multiple Representations

8/2013 Number Talks k-2 and 3-6

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