Anna is currently an assistant principal at an elementary school in California after spending the fall consulting for local school districts.  Last year, she explored the land of teenagers, as the assistant principal at a comprehensive high school.  With this experience and her 16 years in elementary education, teaching every grade from kindergarten through 6th grade and being a Teacher on Special Assignment, she understands the importance of a powerful and rich elementary education as the foundation for high school and beyond.  Since majoring in math at Northwestern University, she has had a love for the subject, and now has a passion for making sure students have opportunities to engage in problem solving, while also appreciating the beauty and creativity in the subject. She is also passionate about empowering students to be self-directed learners and making sure that all students are provided with equitable experiences that enable them to understand multiple perspectives, take action, communicate their ideas, and investigate the world around them. She loves learning, creating, thinking, solving, playing, understanding student thinking, and traveling. Forests are her sanctuary. Laughing is her medicine.


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  1. A, I talked about your critical thinking work with your students yesterday at a SB Middle School showing of the documentary “Beyond Measure”, and gave your name to a couple of people. I hope they call you so you can take them through the info you shared at the GATE Symposium 🙂


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